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Great Money Saving Ideas for Dog Owners!

May 12, 2016


Being a dog owner is a huge commitment But it's also a rewarding and fun adventure! Many of us would love to spoil our dogs with the newest and greatest toys, beds and accessories that can be thought up, however they can really take a huge chunk of money out of your wallet! Well, we have compiled a little list of great money saving ideas and hacks for you!


1. Use A Crib Mattress And A Fitted Sheet For A Dog Bed!


Buy a crib mattress (or a used one for more savings) they are waterproof, can easily be wiped down, have decent support and you can throw a fitted crib sheet on it which you can easily throw in the wash! WIN!!! 


You can even use a pallet as a base or make a frame (if you are the handy type) and turn it into a real fashionable piece of furniture for your home!




2. Make Travel Water Bowl A Success!


If you travel a lot with your dog in a crate, you know how giving water can be a real messy event, especially if you fly and your dog is on it's own in the plane. Well, you can fill the attachable water bowl with water and put it in the freezer the night before you travel, take it out right before you leave and attach it. The water will slowly melt, and not spill in transit. Your pet will also have plenty to drink on a long trip, and the ice will keep them cooler in case the temperature is a bit warm on your travel day.



3. Use a Dryer Sheet to Calm a Dog During a Storm


Many dogs seem to be bothered by thunderstorms, but often times, it’s the electric charge in the air and not the actual storm that upsets dogs. It's true, some dogs just don’t like the noise, but it could be that your dog just hates the electricity in the air, so try using a dryer sheet and rub it over him to make him feel better. This helps reduce the electrical charge they may be feeling.


4. Remove Pet Hair with a Wet Rubber Glove



Never mind that sticky lint roller,  if fur has taken up residence on your sofa or chair, you can pick it up quickly and easily by running a damp rubber glove over the surface. Any hair will cling to the glove, not the upholstery.



5. Chair Dog Dish Holders 

Does your pup make a mess during feeding time? Solve that problem by getting the bowls off the ground! From Nest Full of Eggs.


6. DIY Denim Dog Toy


Want a sturdy and cheap toy that your dog will have a hard time destroying? Try this knotted denim toy! Just take some unused old jeans and cut sections of the legs off and tie them in a knot! It's that simple! Makes sure there are no buttons or snaps that could come off during chewing, just the jean material.

7. A t-shirt-wrapped water bottle 


It’s the perfect toy for a pup that likes crinkley sounds. Just take an empty water bottle and wrap it up in an old t-shirt, you can cuts strips into the t-shrt fabric to be able to tie and secure the new toy.


8. A treat puzzle made from PVC pipe



Just get miscellaneous pieces of PVC at your local home improvement store and affix the end caps too. Drill random holes in the tube portion that will allow for the treats to roll or shake out (don't make it too easy but not too difficult either) your dog will surely figure out that shaking and playing with this new toy will produce yummy results!


So that;s it for now! I hope these ideas help you to save a few bucks while still allowing your sweet pup hours of fun and maximum comfort! Keep checking back for more blog posts from Follow Your Heart Animal Rescue! 


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