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Foster A Dog, Feel Fantastic!

May 18, 2016


I'm sure you have read the pleas from many rescue groups for the need of more fosters! I know we need more! You may have even thought about it, but then decide you probably couldn't handle saying goodbye, or the cost, or maybe you aren't home during the day.


What exactly is fostering?


Essentially, fostering is bringing a cat, dog or any homeless pet into your home -with the goal of nurturing them for a while until they can be adopted into a permanent home with a family who’ll love them forever. It’s a crucial part of the animal rescue world. It’s also amazing, for you and for the animals. Here’s why:



 1. The "feel good" feeling blooms!

Watching a dog that has been in a shelter, or on the streets, hurt, or abused enter your home and learn to accept love and to trust you is a magical thing. There may be transitional issues in the beginning but they learn quick and it's so rewarding to know that you helps save this life!




 2. It's a great experience for everyone in the home.

Your children can see what it means to help others who are in need and if they are school age it can help them with volunteering requirements for schools. Your pets learn more socialization skills which will make them a more balanced and friendly 


If you have one of those spoiled rotten pets like mine, it can also help teach them to share and that you can give love to others but they are still loved as well. These are all great attributes to a well balanced dog. 



3. You help save lives.


Every animal who goes into a foster home brings down the number of shelter pets euthanized each year. 

Not only are you helping get animals adopted, but you are freeing up space at shelters for other animals in need. Free space equals more time given before Euthanizing due to overcrowding. 

You will not only be a hero to animals, but to all who care so deeply about animal welfare.



4. It makes you feel great!




It is truly amazing watching the dogs transition from skittish or fearful little animals to trusting, flourishing members of a family. People find all sorts of ways to enrich their lives but for many who foster, it's saving dogs that does it. It makes the dogs feel better about their world and makes us feel better about ourselves.


    5. Foster pets make you laugh!



    One of the best thing about having all these different dogs in your home, is the fact they make you smile and laugh! As they explore their new surroundings and adjust to the safe home you provide, it's inevitable that they will do something silly and it just brightens your day! I mean, look at that big smile on this pup! 



    6. Fostering is really quite flexible!



    Just because you sign up to be a foster doesn't mean you have loads of dogs in your home 24/7. You state your own requirements. If you can only foster one dog, no problem! If you can only foster small dogs or female dogs, males, puppies, pregnant moms.... you get the point. That's totally up to you! Also, if you need a break for whatever reason, maybe vacation or family is coming in or you just need a break, well.... no problem! Rescues are grateful for whatever you can do to help! 




    7. You will give the dog a chance to shine!


    Pets who might not thrive in a shelter setting have a chance to be healthy and happy in the foster home. It also helps potential adopters get to see what a great personality the animal has in a home setting and helping it to get adopted easier. You give them their moment to shine!


      8. You are covered



      Shelters and rescue groups will typically cover medical costs for fosters. Sometimes, they’ll foot the bill for food and other day-to-day expenses, as well. Our rescue covers all medical and all day to day supplies. All you need is to open your home and heart! 



        9. It's a happy goodbye!


        Don’t be put off from fostering because you think it’ll be too hard when your foster dog gets adopted. It’s never easy to say goodbye to these beautiful souls, but seeing their happy ending makes it all worthwhile. Plus, just when that chapter comes to an end, there is another one waiting in the wings for a chance to be saved! It takes a bit of getting used to the goodbyes, but you get used to it and most of the time you make some friends along the way and stay in touch! It's really a wonderful thing!


        So, hopefully we have given you a little something to think about and maybe lit a fire in you for fostering that you never knew was there. Help us save these sweet souls! 


        Thank you for reading! 


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