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Protecting Your Pet From Arizona Monsoon Dangers

August 23, 2016

Arizona weather in the monsoon season, brings out a number of dangerous elements for our pets. One would be the animals that come out, like toads. Toads live in the ground throughout the year and come out from time to time, but when the rain comes out, so do they in full force. Some toads have a toxin on their skin, which dogs can be affected by when they sniff the toad then lick their nose or by directly licking the toad. This toxin can cause major discomfort and can be deadly.


The first symptom of the toxin is a dog foaming at the mouth and scratching at its mouth with its paws. Then, the dog could start hallucinating, get heat stroke or seizures and eventually die. If you see your dog pawing at its mouth, take a garden hose and spray through the side of the dog's mouth for 5-10 minutes, then seek medical attention from a veterinarian.


These toads are most often seen right after a monsoon when they come out from their burrows they have dug or from ground squirrel holes they have taken over. They can easily climb wire mesh on fences or gates and slip through any rodent-dug holes under fences. These toads are very hard to keep out of your yard if you have chain-link or wrought iron fences or gates, so the best thing to do in this situation is to keep your dog inside after dark and supervise it when it is let out at night. 



Crickets are troublesome and can be dangerous too, especially for cats, as they carry stomach worms. An otherwise healthy pet that's vomiting frequently likely has a stomach worm. Good thing though, this can be easily treated by a veterinarian. Crickets are also the main food source for scorpions which can be pesky and dangerous for some. 



The monsoon season also brings out more Rattlesnake activity. The venom from Rattlesnake bites are just as dangerous for pets as they are for humans, creating swelling and pain. Your pet will need immediate veterinary care if bitten by a snake. 





The most common concern though is that the dust storms during the monsoon seasons kick up the spores that cause Valley Fever, an airborne fungus that can lead to a lung infection and an intense course of treatment. The easiest way to avoid it is to simply keep your pet inside during dust storms


Many pets will escape and become lost during monsoon storms and sadly end up in danger at the shelters or worse, never make it to the shelter. Even the calmest pet can become frightened and attempt to run away, jump over a backyard wall or escape under a gate.


We want you to keep your pet happy, safe, and healthy!  When you’re aware of these desert threats, you can take the necessary steps to keep your pet safe and you can continue to enjoy life in our sunny climate.


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