Hours of Operation and Location

Adoption Center Location

857 N Val Vista Dr

Suite 106

Gilbert, AZ 85234

Sat - Sun: 12pm - 4:30pm

Saving One Dog Will Not Save The World But Surely, For That One Dog The World Will Change Forever!

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Animal Rescue

A 501(c)3 Nonprofit 

Foster Based Rescue 

About Us

We are  a 501(c) (3) organization with a simple mission- saving animals. To us, Follow Your Heart is more than just a name; it is our driven purpose.  We are an all foster based rescue in Mesa, Arizona. By foster, we mean that there are loving people who willingly take in these beautiful transient creatures and do their very best to provide them with safety, security and love. 



Nothing beats the feeling of witnessing a dog in need, find his forever family! Knowing you helped them on their way to a better life, be part of that experience by joining the our volunteer team!


One of the most important and rewarding jobs that a animal lover can have is to serve as a foster home for an animal before he or she is placed in a forever home.


Our intake of dogs and puppies is always changing. Be sure to check back regularly. Our dogs will be available at one of our adoption events unless they are picked for our Pop Up Program

(Pop Up Pups every Thursday's at 7pm)

What's New!


For some time now, Follow Your Heart Animal Rescue has been running a Courtesy Post program as a way to help safely rehome pets in the community when our fosters are full or otherwise unable to help. This program has evolved into Project Embrace and Place, which was designed to do everything Courtesy Post could do and more. Through fundraising and donations, Project Embrace & Place will help safely rehome pets in the community, and can help provide vet care to deserving pet owners for their fur-babies. All animals in this program will be brought up to date on the necessary vet care they need to be safely adopted into new homes, and also to help out in specific circumstances when good pet owners can’t provide the vet care their pets need. Their will be an application process, as well as a few guidelines to qualify for the program.

For assistance in rehoming your pet, or help providing necessary/responsible vet care, please be sure to contact the program manager, Tiffanie, with the following:


Your name and your pet’s name.

The service you’re contacting about.

A few pictures and/or video of your pet, as well as information about them (age, breed(s), personality, etc.)


Tiffanie can be reached via email at:

Helping FYH!

Consider Hale for your pet door needs and we all benefit!

Call them at 623-931-7979

Another great way to help FYH is just choosing Follow Your Heart Animal Rescue as your charity choice with Amazon Smile and shop like normal! Just make sure you are on