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An Explanation Into Our Adoption Fees

Holy Dog! You just learned about the adoption fee for one of our rescue dogs and you fainted! After being awakened by the smelling salts, you ask for an explanation regarding our somewhat higher fees. Hopefully, this will help you understand the fees and the policy behind them. Keep in mind that we try to help ANY dog that crosses our path. Whether it’s a street dog in Mexico, or a pup swimming in the canals of Venice, if we can help we will. Love has no geographic boundaries nor does it judge who should/shouldn’t be helped. We are about love of the dog. Nothing more, nothing less. Keep this in mind as you delve into this crazy world of sadness, anxiety, heartbreak and healing. Here we go! 

We get our dogs from a variety of sources, from a tick infested backyard, to a poop filled crate in a back room. Most of them require us to pay a fee to their captors, which we routinely do. Many argue that we shouldn’t be “paying” for these dogs, but we respectfully disagree. These dogs are already born. They shouldn’t be sentenced to die from parvo or being bred to death by irresponsible people. They shouldn’t live in a backyard filled with feces baking in 110 degree weather with no shade or water. If we have to buy their freedom, we can and we will, because you pay that higher fee that allows us to do that. Sometimes, the fee is much higher than what you might think. 

We have recently started a relationship with Yady GD in Mexico. Yady is nothing short of amazing. All of her rescue dogs are abandoned at her compound or found roaming the streets. Many are severely injured, but all are suffering in one way or another. We pay Yady a stipend for each dog. In return she fixes and vaccinates them and transports them to us. Once here, we quarantine them for 10 to 21 days, do any additional vetting and grooming, and microchip them. Because we donate to Yady, she is able to continue her lifesaving work for the street dogs of Mexico. We encourage you to visit her Facebook page (Yady GD) to see what she does for yourself. You might want to make a donation after you see the medical dogs she helps! 

Now that you understand we sometimes pay to get a dog to safety, here are some other reasons why we rely on your adoption fees and what you get in return that’s a true benefit to you.

1. Your pup is fixed, fully vaccinated, microchipped and dewormed. You get a 14 day health guarantee, access to our trainer, and a 15% discount at our non profit, already low cost hospital. Over time, that is an incredible savings on necessary and preventative vet care. You also receive 10% off at Healthy Paws Market. The market carries high quality food, natural remedies, and a variety of other products. They are all priced competitively, but best of all, a portion of our sales goes back to other non profits. If no non profit has been designated, it goes back to our parvo unit lovingly referred to as the “Tigg Pen.” The Tigg Pen takes in and provides vet care to abandoned puppies with parvo who would otherwise die suffering and alone. Your adoption fee saves parvo puppies! ❤️

2. You are helping us do life saving work. Because you pay that higher fee, we can do so much more. If a dog needs to go to the emergency vet, she goes. If he needs a $10,000 heart surgery, he can have it. Additionally, dentals, mass removals, orthopedic surgeries, etc. are routinely done without hesitation. Why? Because you pay the higher fee. ❤️

3. Those fees allow us to feed our dogs high quality dog food and supply our fosters with absolutely everything they need to successfully care for our dogs. Fosters have access to vet care, grooming, training, canned food, dry food, prescription food, formula, natural remedies, x-pens, kennels, toys, treats, bowls, puppy pads, etc. They get what they need because you pay the higher fee! ❤️

4. Those fees keep the intake/market and hospital doors open! We have a paid staff that also has medical and dental insurance. We can help care for our people too because you pay that fee and patronize our hospital and market!❤️

5. We help our community. To be honest, we rarely talk about all of our programs, but we have some good ones! Routinely we fix moms and dads of accidental litters; provide vet care and dog food to the less fortunate; pay for training for dogs who need some lovingly delivered discipline. Some of our adopters run into dog problems long after adoption. Whether it’s behavioral or physical, we are there. Many of our past adopters will attest that we did not abandon them. How, you ask, could we afford to do that? It’s because you paid that higher fee! ❤️

People don’t realize that we do not, I repeat do not, get any large grants😭. It’s all you baby and we are grateful! Thank you for taking the time to read this. We appreciate you trying to understand why our fees are what they are. The one thing that rings true for everyone involved in our rescue is that we believe our dogs are worth every penny we charge. Apparently, most of you believe that as well based on the incredible success of our “Adoptions Uncrated” program. Monday we adopted five dogs in less than one minute! You helped make us who we are and we can be the rescue that love built because of you ~ Debbie, FYH Founder

Hello everyone!

We’re writing to update our Covid-19 policy for the rescue. It’s ever changing, so please bear with us. Although this is not the ideal situation, our dogs need homes and we are committed to helping them find their families. This process limits the human to human contact as best we can.

First, all of our adoptable dogs are currently listed on our website under the “Adoptions Uncrated” tab. New dogs will be added on Mondays and Fridays at 7 pm. We will no longer do meet and greets or previews. No dog selective or medical dogs will be adopted out at this time. If your dog is dog selective, please don’t adopt right now. It’s in the best interest of everyone. Trust us!

If you find a pup you must have on our website, you will click that button and pay on line. We will then email you our adoption application and you will complete it and send it back. Our Board of Directors, the foster, and our in house trainer will then review your application and get back to you with our decision as to whether or not you are a good fit for this dog. If we decide we should move forward, we will email you all the additional paperwork you need to review and complete CAREFULLY and email back. After we receive the additional paperwork, we will make copies and make arrangements to have you pick up your pup. The paperwork you will receive are copies of the contract, microchip information, proof of vaccines, deworming and alter. If you adopted a puppy, you will also receive a vaccine schedule to make sure your pup has all five rounds of puppy shots and a rabies vaccine. This schedule may be modified due to this pandemic. According to our vaccine provider, we can go up to six weeks between vaccines, and that might be what happens due to our market being closed. However, our hospital will be doing the vaccines once there is five weeks between them. You will need to call them at 480-867-1898 to schedule. Please keep your puppy home during this time. Safety first!

All communication will be via email and phone calls. We will do our absolute best to explain this process and make you comfortable with your adoption. Please keep in mind that we always take our dogs back if things don’t work out. We will also extend the money back guarantee to 14 days and we will waive the $50 processing fee unless you want to make it a donation to the rescue. The only face to face contact will be when you receive the pup. We will answer any additional questions from six feet away. Since most of us don’t have six foot long arms, we will have to give you your dog. That will be a quick hand off and then you’ll be on your way with your new family member who will love you unconditionally through quarantine and beyond!

If we deny the adoption, please understand it doesn’t mean you’re an awful person. It probably just means we don’t believe that dog will work in your home. For example, putting a working dog in an apartment could be a nightmare for all of you! It works now because we can all walk our dogs a lot, but what happens when our lives return to normal and you go back to work? Please choose a dog that works for your normal lifestyle. We want you to rescue a dog. We just want it to be the right dog. We want that long loving relationship for you that you can only get from the right dog! ❤️

Thank you for helping us find homes for the pups we have in our care. They deserve to quarantine with the people who will love them forever. It’s the perfect bonding opportunity although it was born under stressful conditions. There is no better way to allay your stress and anxiety than petting and walking a dog. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your journey to love and thank you for saving a life. We are the rescue that love built because of all of you!

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