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Saving One Dog Will Not Save The World But Surely, For That One Dog The World Will Change Forever!

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How To Help

While we don’t normally ask for help, sometimes you just need to ask.

Our founder, Debbie Varner, will go above and beyond to try and help a sick or injured dog and nurse them back to health. Here is where your donations and part of your puppy adoption fee go. Thank you for helping us help them. Donations can be made to our PayPal account:

Just a few of our medical dogs...

Ways To Help

  • Monetary donations which can be made to our PayPal account.

  • Directly to our account with our vet at Follow Your Heart Animal Hospital

  • Shop at FRY’S and link your VIP card to Organization FP683 to donate each time you shop at FRY’S! 

  • Go to & select Follow Your Heart as the organization & each time you shop a portion of the your eligible purchase will be donated to our organization.

Follow Your Heart
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  • Puppy Food (Authority, Blue Buffalo, Kirkland, Simply Nourish)

  • Blankets

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  • Whelping Adjustable Collars

  • Nursing Kits

  • Dog Harnesses (various sizes)

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  • Paper Towels

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More Ways To Help

We are always in need of assistance, and there are many ways you can help!


Donations: We are a non-profit organization and can always use monetary donations. Please email or donate online here via paypal. You could also help by buying something off our our Amazon wishlist. We are always in need of supplies and material donations, please check out the "Donate" page for more information. Every bit helps!!

So Much Need

Fostering :  We can only save lives if we have foster homes! Please consider opening your home and heart to a dog dying for a spot! FYH covers all costs, supplies, vetting, food. You just need to give them space, love and time.


Volunteering:  If you can’t foster but want to help we can certainly use your help!! Just some of the needs we have are

Dog walkers at our events

help with set up and tearing down at our events


Transporter to help our freedom rides or move from boarding to events, foster homes and vets

Adoption event helpers


These helpful roles can be done when you have the time and you can commit to only those that fit your schedule, please consider taking some time out to help!


A picture of Tigg was shared on social media on his first day in the hospital. By the time he died, Tigg's picture had been shared over 75,000 times and he had countless people wanting to adopt him. Many of those people made donations to the rescue. Within three days, Tigg had helped to raise thousands of dollars.

None of us knew Tigg. By the time we met him he was already dying. He displayed none of the typical puppy behaviors: he was not energetic or loving or happy. He was depressed and sick. Frankly, he was pathetic. But something about him touched us. In life, he was tiny and anonymous, but he became a giant in our hearts - a hero.


This small enclosure is dedicated to Tigg's memory and is an enduring thank you to him for reminding us that you don't have to be big to be important. Right now it is a place for play - opportunities that Tigg never had - but our ultimate goal is to create a Campus for Compassion, a place for rescue and veterinary care and love, where eventually the Tigg pen could be an entire isolation area dedicated to the treatment of puppies like Tigg and for education on how to prevent this terrible disease.


Your donations will help us to achieve our dreams.

The Tigg Pen Loved by thousands, known to none


Tigg was a seven week old Pit Bull puppy who presented to Dr. Carr for treatment of Parvo. He never really had a chance. He was about as sick as parvo puppies get. He had no immune system; his white blood count was less than 100. Even at it's lowest level, the normal white blood count should be more than 6,000. He fought his disease bravely, but succumbed after three days.


That by itself is a sad story, but not that uncommon. Puppies die from parvo all the time.

But Tigg was special.