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Follow Your heart Animal Rescue is a 501(c) (3) organization with a simple mission- saving animals. To us, Follow Your Heart is more than just a name; it is our driven purpose.  We are an all foster based rescue in Mesa, Arizona. By foster, we mean that there are loving people who willingly take in these beautiful transient creatures and do their very best to provide them with safety, security and love. We have seven unpaid board members, some of which have full time jobs in addition to their services to the rescue. 

Throughout our history we have saved thousands of dogs from euthanasia, many of them simply because of their breed, their age, physical disabilities, illnesses or just plain fear. This is the core of why we do what we do.  While we openly take in puppies and dogs who are in good shape, our focus is on saving those who are most likely to be thrown away, abandoned and unloved.  This organization was founded on the principle that all life is precious and should be given the chance to be loved, cherished and cared for.

Our mission is to reduce the number of homeless and euthanized pets by rescuing the dogs whose lives and/or well-being are at risk. We provide them with basic needs and care and place them with loving families. We do our best to eliminate the stigma of “un adoptability” brought on by breed, age, and physical condition.

We work toward creating a world where every dog can enjoy a loving home and provide a way for the public to find their perfect family addition. In order to fulfill this mission, Follow Your Heart will engage in the following activities:

Foster Program... 

Animals will be rescued from shelters and placed in temporary foster homes to save them from being euthanized.  During this time, animals will be provided with proper nutrition, shelter and analysis to determine appropriate long term housing.


Adoption Services...

the organization will work to find each animal that is rescued a forever home that is willing and able to make the long term commitment to a family pet.

Public Education... 

Abuse, neglect and irresponsible pet ownership leads to thousands of animals being killed each year.  One way to combat these issues is through continued public education to not only raise awareness about animal abuse, but also promote responsible pet ownership.

Medical Treatment...

Animals rescued will be provided proper medical treatment as needed through Follow Your Heart Animal Hospital.

We hold adoptions at Healthy Paws Market

446 N. Higley Rd #102

Mesa AZ,85205

Open Tuesday-Saturday 11:00am to 4:00pm

Founder: Debbie Varner

The Rescue was born within a sad moment in Debbie's life. Debbie was deep in grief from losing her mother, Faralene and it is within that grieving that something so beautiful was born. Debbie knew her mothers love of animals so in she knew in order to deal with the grief, she would need to do something positive and something her mother would love. 


She began saving animals that were in desperate need of a chance, a home and medical care. Follow Your Heart Animal Rescue was born in that moment, saving not only the dogs but Debbie Varner as well.


The logo was created with Debbie's mom in mind, her initials are in the dog tags of the cute FYH dog in the logo. Amazing things can happen even in the saddest of times. 


It is with great sadness, that we now have to add that Debbie Varner, father, James Henson, passed away March 19, 2019.  He was an amazing man and will be missed by many. 

James David Henson

June 26, 1932- March 19, 2019

*All services will be conducted through the solicitation of public/private partnerships, grants and individual donations.

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