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Last Litter

Accidents happen, puppies are a lot of work. FYH is working to help prevent unplanned litters, ensure that every dog has a forever home and reduce the number of dogs entering the shelter system. We offer the Last Litter program to benefit the wellbeing of the mom and the puppies and help take some stress away from you.


FREE spay for your mom dog

FREE vaccines for your mom dog

FREE microchip for your mom dog

FREE puppy food until pups move to foster

This program gives you the peace of mind that your mom dog will no longer get pregnant and all of the puppies will find loving forever homes. We make sure all puppies are vaccinated and spay or neutered before adoption, ensuring the cycle does not repeat. We provide the most thorough vaccination services for all our adopted pups at no cost to our adopters.

For more information on this program please contact us:

Phone: 480-807-0085


Project Embrace & Place

For some time now, Follow Your Heart Animal Rescue has been running a Courtesy Post program as a way to help safely rehome pets in the community when our fosters are full or otherwise unable to help. This program has evolved into Project Embrace & Place, which is designed to do everything Courtesy Post did and more. Through fundraising and donations, this project will safely rehome pets in the community, and can help provide vet care to deserving pet owners for their fur babies. All animals in this program will be brought up to date on the necessary vet care they need to be adopted responsibly, and this program will also help out in specific circumstances when good pet owners can't provide the vet care their pets need.

If you are in need of assistance rehoming your pet. Contact our Project Embrace & Place team by email at or (480) 359-4627 (text message only).

Tigg Pen

At Follow Your Heart Animal Hospital we have a specially designed and custom built isolation/ICU unit for Parvo patients. We call it our Tigg Pen. Unlike many hospitals, where puppies suffering from parvo are hidden from the public, our isolation unit has a built in observation window. Rather than hide this disease, we aim to educate our clients on the importance of vaccinations, proper sanitary handling of puppies and pets, and the ugly truth of what can happen when these puppies get sick. The Tigg Pen is a place dedicated to the treatment and prevention of this devastating disease, but it is also a place of hope and honor. 

We often get asked to take in parvo puppies from the streets, shelters and owner surrenders to give them a fighting chance. We also work with owners to help afford treatment when they come to us for help with a parvo case if possible.

Follow Your Heart Animal Hospital: 


446 N Higley Rd #103, 

Mesa, AZ 85205


Shelter Contacts


East Valley Animal Care Center

2630 W. Rio Salado Parkway
(Loop 101 / Rio Salado Parkway)
Mesa, AZ 85201


West Valley Animal Care Center

2500 S. 27th Avenue
(27th Avenue, south of Durango)
Phoenix, AZ 85009



1150 S Eleven Mile Corner Rd

Casa Grande, Arizona


(520) 509-3555

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