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(Missions Of Mercy)

Missions of Mercy (MOM) Love knows no borders and this program is trying to prove that. Missions of Mercy or MOM (perfect acronym we think) is a program designed to assist the street dogs of Mexico make their way to safety in the United States.


In partnership with Yady GD (a Mexico rescue), we are taking sick and starving dogs off the streets and out of high kill shelters, and restoring them to health. While in Mexico, they receive the necessary vaccines and, if healthy enough, they get altered. They then make their way to the US with the necessary paperwork to cross the border. Most of these dogs appear somewhat healthy on the surface, but they rarely are. Roughly 80% are actually pretty sick suffering from Valley Fever, Tick Fever, broken bones, Anaplasma, intestinal parasites and other serious conditions. If they don’t make their way to us, they usually are left to suffer and die on the street. Once they are healthy mentally and physically, we put them up for adoption.


Each one of the Mexico dogs goes to their forever home fixed, fully vaccinated, dewormed, and microchipped for life. Additionally, most are tested for Heart Worm, Tick Fever, Valley Fever, Anaplasma, Erlichia and intestinal parasites. We want our adopters to trust that we love our dogs and want only the best for everyone - including our adoptive families. Yes, it sometimes feels like we are shoveling sand against the tide, but we believe even one life saved is worth our very best effort. We hope you agree and will offer your support as we go south of the border to perform acts of compassion to those pups that otherwise have no hope.

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New Passports Issued

These dogs need our help

If you would like to help our Missions of Mercy dogs, you can help by donating to our PASSPORTS FOR PUPS below

The money goes directly into helping get these dogs to safety and towards the medical costs.

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