This is our nursery page, where you will find updates on our current orphaned bottle babies. We have created a new group called Nursery Nannies- Sleepless in Az.


This group has some crazy, passionate and sleep deprived members. Bottle feeding is definitely challenging. There are so many up's and down's. It is a roller coaster. However if you can make it to day 3 your body will adjust. It is a long commitment but a very rewarding one.


Right now we have two different litters of puppies being cared for.


We would like people to know they have a place to turn to. All babies need a chance no matter what the circumstance. We hope you find this page, fun and entertaining. We also hope it gives you a little tiny glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes.  If you are interested in becoming a bottle baby nanny, let us know!

Last week we were asked if we could help with 6 newborn shepherd puppies.  They were found abandon in a box.  Welcome the "K" crew!

Natalee's Babies


Kim's Babies


Lori's Babies