This is our nursery page, where you will find updates on our current orphaned bottle babies. We have created a new group called Nursery Nannies- Sleepless in Az.


This group has some crazy, passionate and sleep deprived members. Bottle feeding is definitely challenging. There are so many up's and down's. It is a roller coaster. However if you can make it to day 3 your body will adjust. It is a long commitment but a very rewarding one.


Right now we have two different litters of puppies being cared for.


We would like people to know they have a place to turn to. All babies need a chance no matter what the circumstance. We hope you find this page, fun and entertaining. We also hope it gives you a little tiny glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes.  If you are interested in becoming a bottle baby nanny, let us know!

On September 26th 2, 1 day old chihuahua mix puppies were surrendered after their mother died giving birth.  We were hoping our recent new momma would be able to care for them.  However they came in weak and cold and they would not latch.  Our foster Kate jumped into action and hasn't slept since!

These are Kate's babies Martin and Robin.  

On October 1st we were asked to assist with a large litter after their mother had been struck by a car and passed from her injuries.  The babies were 1 week old and there were 10 of them!  While we now have multiple mommas in the rescue, they too have large litters and cannot feed additional puppies.  Upon arrival we knew several were struggling.  6 of the 10 babies had aspiration pneumonia.  We lost 2 puppies due to their illness.  The remaining 8 puppies have been split into 4 different foster homes.  4 are still on the mend but doing better every day.  We will be doing a DNA just for fun to see what these babies actually are.

What looks like "cotton" is the pneumonia.  Lori is fostering Peek-a-boo and Slinky

Peek-a-boo is now 2 weeks old. She is Lori's foster

Slinky.  2 weeks old. Off antibiotics and out of the humidifier tent. He is Lori's foster

Piper (L) and Paisley  (R) are being fostered by Bailey

Meg's babies Ivy and Olive

Bear (L) Bailey (R) are Kim's babies




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