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Thank You

This month we would like to thank all the fosters and volunteers who stepped up and took on some unusual roles during this Corvid 19 pandemic.  This was a challenge and a difficult situation for business as well as animal rescue.  Our rescue had to change normal protocol and adapt to new rules by our government, but keep adoptions going because many animals are still abandoned, injured and having puppies during this time.  We would like to thank and show our gratitude to many in our rescue who are new to fostering as well as volunteering yet showed true leadership to help us in this crisis.  


Susan, and her daughter Brianna, formed an amazing team of volunteers (Teresa, Natalie, Sheri J, and Kate H) who stepped up to help figure out a way we could still adopt out dog and puppies that were surrendered or needed a new home.  They fought so many challenges beyond just the normal process of a dog finding a home.  They needed new processes to intake animals, find a vet (with Lori’s help) who could spay and neuter these animals as many places were closed for emergency appointments only.  They had to also figure out a way that people still wanting to adopt could and while doing this stay healthy and safe from this virus.  That is when the “Adoptions Uncrated” was formed. 


These ladies worked 24/7 trying to keep up with the demands.

Instead of our normal process of people coming to meet the dogs/puppies, the new process changed since our adoption center was closed.  All questions were done through our email or Facebook account.  This increased our level of emails and Facebook 90%.  Which means we needed additional help answer those questions, help intake animals, and help new fosters get supplies, to just name a few adjustments.  Remember, this is a slower process for our rescue and so much about the rescue and new procedures had to be learned to help make a difference in keeping us afloat and give us the opportunity to continue helping so many dogs.  


Meg, a newer foster to our FYH family, helped organize all our fosters with information, supplies, and guided them through our process as well as stock them up with supplies.    We also added 50 new fosters.  A record amount during this time frame! 

Karli Nelson from Canine Cahoots, our dog trainer for the rescue, and her daughter Devin, and Natalee, helped coordinate and call adopters as well as give vaccines to over 120 puppies who need the vaccines.


Thanks to these HERO’S and all our fosters who helped make us who we are and kept us saving animals in need.  We love our volunteers and fosters! We had an amazing 102 adoptions this month thanks to all the help from each of these amazing ladies.

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