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Hearts & Heat is an online Raffle and Auction to raise money for Follow Your Heart Animal Rescue. This event is in memory of Thumper and to raise funds for the last litter program. We are gonna follow our HEARTS and prevent the HEAT cycle of female pets, which makes my HEART happy.  


 The Last Litter program is awesome and helps reduce homeless pets in our community. We are going to try some different things in this event, so timing and rules will be different for each item.   It will help us learn how to do better online events and it will keep things interesting for all.    


Be sure to see what we have going on in here and invite some friends please.  


There are 4 ways to Help:

1) Get in on the Auction Action

2) participate in Raffles

3) make a direct donation to FYH or

4) Become a foster parent

1. AUCTIONS: Items will be posted over the next 2 weeks in the discussion area. See something you want right now... Bid on it, we will also have a buy now option so you don't have to wait. 

2. RAFFLES: Click on the discussion tab to see raffles and instructions on how to participate. We will be posting items through the week.

3. DONATE - wish list items OR funds. Please indicate it is for Thumper/LL

4. FOSTER: Consider becoming a foster parent. Fostering is very rewarding! I  being a dog foster parent.


MORE on Thumper and the Last Litter program......

The last litter (LL) program helps the community by educating, vaccinating and fixing litters before they are adopted. The program fixes the parent animals and they can stay with their owners, but prevents further accidental or intentional litters. The LL program helps prevent germs from going into our community (parvo is a highly contagious, deadly virus that can live in the dirt for UP TO A YEAR). It helps by reducing the number of homeless pets in our community. 

DID YOU KNOW: Puppies CAN get pregnant at 6 months and have 2 litters PER YEAR! Kittens CAN get pregnant at 4 months and have 3 litters PER YEAR! Pets don't understand that incest is bad and offspring will have serious health issues..... Unfixed animals will do the deed, when it is time, regardless of their relationship.

Females are SPAYed ( not sprayed..... )
Males are NEUTERed ( nuts = neutering )

There are tons of health benefits to fixing your pets. Just ask Google.  

Thumper was rescued by FYH in October 2018 and passed due to health issues in April 2020, as a foster in my home. I like to think he was adopted by Jesus. FYH spent $1000s on his medical expenses, I am not sure I want to know the exact amount. They will never recoup that money through an adoption fee, so this is my way to help. Thumper deserved a chance and I am grateful they gave him that chance. For those not familiar with his story, it will be posted in the discussion tab. 

Be Kind. Show Love and Thank you for your help!! Please invite family, friends, and animal lovers! 

** We ended the Pampered Chef portion from the prior event. If you still want to order, please contact Cindi. 602-421-8203 - let her know Christa sent you. INVEST in your culinary talents and pamper yourself with awesome tools. These products also eliminate HEAT in the kitchen, which is necessary during summer in AZ. 




Adoption Center Location:


857 N Val Vista Dr.

Suite 106

Gilbert, AZ 85234

Sat 12pm - 4:30pm

Healthy Paws Market

446 N Higley Rd #102

Mesa, AZ 85205


Tues-Sat: 11am - 4pm


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