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Back To Normal?

With plans in place to get back to “normal”, what does that look like in your house with your dog?

With all of this time home, our dogs have gotten used to a lot more freedoms. The time they would normally spend alone while you were at work, they have been with you. They have gotten used to multiple walks daily and napping on the couch with you during the day.

I would suggest you get back to a routine that will allow your dog to be able to adjust to life when you go back to working outside of the home all day. If you don’t start now, you will likely start realizing that your dog is exhibiting signs of “separation anxiety”.

Enjoy your weekend, and on Monday, make sure your dog is going through the same routine he will when you head back to work.

-Karli Nelson- Owner and Head Trainer at Canine Cahoots

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