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A Resource Roundup for People Who Want to Help Animals in Need

By Nick Burton

Image via Pexels

If you're an animal lover, the thought of pets being neglected can be heartbreaking. The good news is that you can make a difference in your community by taking steps to help animals in need. These actions don't have to be expensive or time-consuming, but they can make a big difference. Here are some resources to get you started, courtesy of Follow Your Heart Animal Rescue.

Donate to Make a Difference

Animal charities can benefit from all kinds of donations.

● Donate high-quality pet foods that contain pure ingredients.

● You can also donate other goods like leashes, dog and cat beds, and toys.

Look up local charities you can donate to like the ASPCA and Humane Society.

● Plan a fundraising event to get money to give to local animal charities.

Find Local Charities to Connect With to Help in Other Ways

There are plenty of ways to help beyond donating goods.

Research the many ways you can help animal shelters, like walking dogs, playing with puppies, or cuddling kittens.

● Contact local charities to see how you can help.

Start your own volunteer group in your community and get other people to assist.

● Conduct a community needs assessment to see what other types of measures your local area can benefit from.

Consider Starting and Marketing Your Own Nonprofit

Follow these steps to start your own nonprofit and help animals in need.

● Research the different types of nonprofits, including corporations, associations, and organizations.

● Calculate the startup costs you'll need to get your nonprofit off the ground.

Register your entity as a formal nonprofit for tax purposes.

● Use an online logo creator to make custom logos for free to help market your nonprofit.

● Open a business bank account, so you can keep your nonprofit's finances separate from your own.

Animals in your community can benefit from any of the above steps. By donating, connecting with local charities, and starting your own nonprofit, you'll be able to help them—while also nurturing your personal passion for animal welfare.

Follow Your Heart Animal Rescue believes that saving one dog will not save the world but surely, for that one dog the world will change forever! To work with us, call 480-807-0085.

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