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It's Raining!

It's raining! So we're training... in the rain. We have all seen the memes about dogs going potty in the house because it's raining...

No, just no. Teach your dog that they will not melt and neither will you.

To start, choose a time when the rain is light. Get your leash and some yummy treats and get to work. Make it a positive experience.

The first session may be coaxing your dog in to the rain with some hot dogs for petting. It may be working on sit. If your dog is very fearful you may spend some time relaxing and on a covered patio and just having exposure.

Train your dogs in the rain. Not only does this teach your dogs the rules still apply regarding going outside to potty, even in the rain. It also builds confidence. Start them young if you can, but if your dog is older, it's not too late.

-Karli Nelson- Owner and Head Trainer of Canine Cahoots

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